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Low-cost playable marketing campaigns in just 30 minutes

Whether you're a business owner or a marketing specialist, our Brand Panel provides tools for a quick creation of multiple low-cost playable campaigns.
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step 1
Create playable campaign that suits your goals
Winday is a platform that provides tools for creating, publishing, and distributing playable marketing campaigns and interactive experiences.
Instant Games
Attract customers attention with help of games
Create instant gaming campaigns to capture the audience’s attention and strengthen brand connections.
Drive retention through repeated gaming
Host tournaments featuring leaderboards and exciting rewards to keep users coming back.
Choose from available games
We keep adding new games on the platform to offer multiple options for game creation.
Match 3
Match 3
Swap tiles to create combos. Match 3 or more tiles of the same type to clear them and earn points.
Match 2
Match 2
Find and match identical tiles. Clear the board by matching tiles to win. Match more tiles in a single click to get boosters.
Draw a line
Draw a line
Connect same-type tiles in a row by drawing a line. Release to clear connected tiles and collect points.
Bubble Shooter
Bubble Shooter
Aim and shoot at bubbles of the same type to clear the board. More bubbles in one match, more points can be earned.
Choose from multiple graphics themes
The Brand Panel provides a variety of graphics themes, each designed to capture your audience's attention.
Advanced Requests
If the campaign creation content is not enough, there’s always an option for more.

Custom graphics themes

Design of graphics themes for your marketing campaigns upon the request.

Custom game mechanics

Development of custom games for your marketing campaigns upon the request.

More details about the Advanced requests are by the link below.
step 2
Publish playable campaigns to multiple channels
Winday provides a variety of options to publish the created playable campaigns. It can be distributed through one or all of the available publishing options.

Game Link

Connect your brand website to have a custom game link related to your website.

QR Code

Setup the plugin on your website to distribute all playable campaigns in one place.

Connect to custom domain

Connect your brand website to have a custom game link related to your website.

Website Integration

Setup the plugin on your website to distribute all playable campaigns in one place.

Mobile Application Integration

Setup the plugin for a mobile application to distribute campaigns directly within the application.

Telegram Bot

Distribute campaigns through the Telegram messenger with Winday Telegram Bot.

Expand your audience reach with Winday Club
Winday features a Winday Club - the gaming hub to distribute instant games and tournaments from multiple brands to wider audience created at the Brand Panel.

Create a marketing campaign

Create an Instant game or Tournament and publish it by the auto-generated link.


Make it visible at Winday Club

Once the game link is created, there’s an option to make the game visible at Winday Club.


Create Brand page at Winday Club

Setup the brand page for the Winday Club to show all your campaigns under a brand page.

Want to explore the Winday Club and campaigns that reach wider audience?
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step 3
Collect valuable data from campaign analytics
By keeping track of performance, you gain valuable insights of completed marketing campaigns, while efficiently planning and managing upcoming ones.

Built-in Analtics

Keep track of all your gamified marketing campaigns data and users activity in one place.


Google Analytics Integration

Connect your Google Analytics and receive data from campaigns directly into your analytics dashboard.

documentation, FAQ and support for your questions
For more questions and details about how everything works, we have a wide rangeof manuals at the Help Center and multiple Q&A at FAQ. Also please don’t hesitateto reach us for any advanced issues.

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